Human Resources

Smart, Efficient Staff Management

LegaC Human Capital creates effective Human Resource Solutions for our clients which support and protect employers and employees alike.

We establish policies, practices and strategies that maximise employee performance so that you companies can effectively reach business objectives. By effectively managing a workforce,which is a company's greatest assets,we will help your businesses function effectively.

We Provide Tailored Human Resource Solutions

Our Human Resource Management services are cost-effective, management focused and realistic. We ensure that we can create tailored solutions to fit your specificbusiness, whether it consist of a smaller workforce or a large and dynamic group of employees.

LegaC Human Capital enables you to successfully manage all of your employees so that you can spend less time on damage control and more time on growing your business.

We Offer Effective Human Resource Management

 We assist in all Human Resource Management and Administration responsibilities. Our services include, and are not limited to, the following: 

  • Creating and maintaining Human Resource Solutions
  • Ensuring all IR/HR policies comply with relevant statutory regulations
  • Managing all classification and compensation plans
  • Keeping up to date with all workforce data that could be beneficial for workplace efficiency
  • Providing consulting services to all clients
  • Creating manuals , guidelines, forms, etc. that are specific to your business needs



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