Industrial Relations (IR)

Managing Workplace Relationships

LegaC Human Capital (Pty) Ltd implements effective practices and procedures to businesses to improve employee/ employer relationships. We help you minimise workplace conflict situations, manage workplace disputes and reduce staff dismissals in a lawful manner. Our main aim, as Industrial Relation (IR) Consultants, is to improve workplace relationships. This ensures better employee morale, motivation and productivity, thereby suppressing disruptions so that your business can thrive.

How Can We Help You?

We want to eliminate your risk of getting involved in costly employment litigation, which is why we offer you our experience and assistance. We provide the following Industrial Relations Services to our clients:

  • Formulation of Policies & Procedures
  • Chairing of Hearings
  • CCMA/DRC/Bargaining council Representations (Conciliation,Arbitration and Bargaining council)
  • Performance Assessment & Management
  • Policy & Contract Drafting/Implementation
  • Collective Bargaining and Union Negotiations
  • Hearing initiator training
  • Basic and advanced IR training for First Line Managers
  • Basic disciplinary code training
  • Periodic pulse reading
  • Effective strike handling

LegaC Human Capital’s qualified and experienced Industrial Relations consultants provide impeccable IR service and assist management in putting  solutions in place to align with legislative requirements. We proactively seek to abate risks  and reduce conflicts within our Clients organisations.

As LegaC Human Capital, we assess your business to measure the effectiveness of your current Industrial Relations processes and procedures, and ensure that they are in line with legislation and organisational objectives.


LegaC Human Capital’s ensures that the correct processes and procedures are followed by management in the handling of misconduct in the workplace. The wrong process or procedure could cost an organisation a lot of money. We provide advice and offer representives for disciplinary actions and grievances.

LegaC Human Capital endeavours to assist clients in maintaining and developing a positive work environment, and addressing issues involving individuals which arise out of/affect work conditions.


Our Industrial Relations Solutions

At LegaC Human Capital our IR consultants will provide tailored solutions that effectively improve workplace environments in line with legislative requirements..

Handling Misconduct

Discipline needs to be incorporated into your business, not to punish or embarrass employees but to maintain workplace harmony. With our tried and tested disciplinary procedures, we can handle any misconduct and prevent making costly mistakes.

Handling Poor Work Performance

LegaC Human Capital assists you in objectively assessing employee incapacity. We will help you improve employee productivity and performance by ensuring that you manage poor work performance in an orderly fashion.

Ensuring Employee Payment Satisfaction with Collective Bargaining

Collective bargaining creates a communication platform for employers and employees to discuss wages. This ensures a positive outcome for both employer and employee. Employees can state their demands and, at the same time, employers can civilly bargain with employees.

With over 18 years of experience in dealing with collective agreements between trade unions and bargaining councils, we can give you guaranteed assurance that all labour disputes will be resolved amicably.

Ensuring Effective Strike Assistance

Industrial unrest can arise from unhappy employees. This usually occurs during the last stage of collective bargaining. LegaC Human Capital is well aware of the stress and issues that strikes come with, which is why we assist clients with this difficult aspect of industrial relations. By formulating picketing rules, we enable you to issue fair ultimatums and negotiations with striking employees to prevent the loss of money and the decline of a positive working environment.


It is inevitable that some employees will leave the organisation, be it through misconduct, contract expiry, retrenchment or resignation. LegaC will assist in easing all termination processes so that you do not have to. In addition, we will conduct exit interviews to ensure that you receive honest feedback as to which areas in your working environment needs improvement with regards to employee relations.  LegaC is confident that most exit interviews will bring about positive remarks only

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