Maternity Leave Assistance

Relax while you are pregnant and let Us handle your maternity UIF claim




Let Us Handle Your Maternity UIF Claim

Avoid standing in long queues. We provide professional services to mothers who need to claim Maternity UIF. We manually submit your applications to the Department of Labour at the beginning of your maternity leave, thereafter, we submit each monthly form on your behalf until you return to work.

We ensure that the UIF money is deposited straight into your bank account. Should you have any queries with regards to the Maternity UIF Claim, you can contact us directly.



Simple Maternity UIF Guide

  1. Send your email enquiry here
  2. As soon as we receive your enquiry, we will email you the Information Guide and all the registration forms

  3. Complete the forms and make payment
  4. Fax or email the forms back to us with proof of payment
  5. We will then email you the UIF forms and guidelines to complete the forms
  6. Follow the guidelines to complete the forms
  7. Send through the completed forms by registered post or hand deliver them to our offices before the commencement of your maternity leave 


    We will submit the forms to the Department of Labour and, once the application has been 

    approved and proof of birth is submitted, the Department of Labour will pay you directly 

    into your bank account
  9. We will take care of all the necessary follow-ups (payment forms submissions) until your maternity leave is complete


Benefits Of Our Maternity Leave Assistance

For Just R650, we will:

  • Provide you with all necessary forms
  • Submit your claims
  • Handle your monthly forms
  • Respond to your queries and concerns
  • Finalise your claim
  • Keep you informed of your UIF application status and progress


  1. Are you sure you are paying UIF every month?
    If UIF is not deducted from your salary you cannot claim unemployment benefits from the Dept. of Labour.
  2. Have you claimed UIF in the last 4 years?
    If you claimed maternity benefits there will not be a problem and you will be able to claim now.
    If you claimed unemployment or sick benefits in the last 4 years you may not be able to claim sick benefits now. Please phone us to confirm before you pay us.
  3. Are you the owner of your own business?
    If you are a sole proprietor, you will not be able to claim UIF.
    If you are a member of a CC and you pay yourself a monthly fix salary and pay UIF you can claim UIF. Contact us for details.
  4. Do you have a bar-coded ID?
    If you are a South-African Citizen and have a Bar-Coded ID you can claim UIF if you have been paying UIF.
    If you are not a South-African Citizen but have a valid work permit and have been paying UIF you will be able to claim UIF but these applications do take much longer to approve.
    If your ID was lost or stolen, the Dept. of Labour CANNOT process your application. They do not process applications with a temporary ID issued by Home Affairs.
    If you have a South-African passport we can submit your application with certified copies of this.
    If you do not have a passport, we can submit your application with the temporary ID, within six months of the birth of your baby, but the application will be rejected. When you get your bar-coded ID we can appeal the rejection.Remember this process may take up to a year to finalize.

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