Temporary Employment Services

We Offer Effective Flexible Staffing Solutions

LegaC Human Capital provides short-term staff services to help businesses maintain quality and grow during peak periods. Our Flexible Staffing Solution gives your business access to trained and screened candidates for specific projects. Our specialised fixed-term contract placements have the option to employ on a weekly or monthly basis and promises skills testing and background checks as well as statutory deductions and leave pay.

Benefits of Using Our Temporary Employment Services

LegaC Human Capital’s Temporary Employment Services offer the following benefits to our clients:

  • Flexible staffing support tailored to your specific business needs
  • Short-term access to a wide range of trained staff at short notice
  • Workforce that can temporarily fit into your business culture
  • Reduced labour cost

We Ensure In-Depth Verification Services

We render verification services which enable our clients to make informative employment decisions with confidence. Using our cutting-edge technology, we perform in-depth verification checks to ensure that you have access to legitimate potential applicants.

Our background checks include the following:

  • Credit & criminal record checks
  • Identity checks
  • Driver’s licence checks
  • Validation of academic qualifications




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